Photo Packaging: Cases, boxes, briefcases, USB holder

Album boxes and cases

Album boxes for the delivery of studio photographs. The ideal accessory to keep the photo album like the first day and to give as a gift along with a DVD, memory card or USB key with the photos included in the album. Handmade in different materials: wood, cardboard, metal and personalized one by one.

Each box is an exclusive 100% Hand Made piece.

photo book, wood photo album, wedding photo book
Maletines cajas porta álbum fotos

▲ EOS Photo book Pack + Box + 2 parent’s copies
◄ Forrest Photo book Pack + Case + 2 parent’s copies

Frame box

The frame box is designed to store different photos, offering the possibility of being able to exchange the main photograph that is shown.

We have different types of wood as well as different color finishes.

Handmade. 100% Handmade.

100% personalized boxes, cases and briefcases

We manufacture boxes, cases and briefcases according to the design of the desired album. We produce each piece by hand, unit by unit, making each product an exclusive and tailored piece for our customers.

If you have doubts or can’t decide which design to choose, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will help you find the design that is ideal for you.

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